PAGEONE CEO Wins First Ever ‘Global PR Practitioner Of The Year’ Award

RON JABAL, PAGEONE group chairman and CEO, became the first ever winner of the ‘Global Public Relations Practitioner of the Year’ title given by the World Public Relations and Communications Awards.

The award was given during the World Public Relations Forum at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel in Chennai, India on Sept. 21.

Mr. Jabal was declared winner by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (GA), a confederation of the world’s major PR and communication management associations and institutions representing over 360,000 practitioners and academics around the world. Mr. Jabal is also a columnist for The Philippine Star and BusinessWorld.

According to GA, the winners were chosen by a panel of judges comprised of 25 industry experts and communicators from worldrenowned PR agencies and academic institutions across the globe.

Justin Green, president and CEO of Global Alliance said, “All the submissions received this year were undeniably impressive. These entries provide a window into how communications are able to shape communities that we would otherwise not have known. It’s a source of delight to affirm that within these entries, we encountered exemplary instances of how PR professionals adeptly enhanced their clients’ messages across diverse platforms.”

“Above all else, I believe that every participating individual and organization this year unequivocally demonstrated the genuine value that PR practitioners bring to the table. The real reward is the societal change various PR practitioners are able to bring to their part of the world.”

Mr. Jabal, who recently graduated from the Swiss School of Management with a Doctor of Business Administration degree, was also recently declared Best PR practitioner in Southeast Asia during the fourth ASEAN PR Excellence Awards held in Vietnam. In addition, he will be making his way to Rome this October to receive his several global Stevie awards which include PR Executive of the Year, Thought Leader of the Year (business services) and Executive of the Year in the advertising and marketing management category.

“Gratitude knows no borders, and I am deeply humbled to receive global recognition for my work as a public relations practitioner. This honor reminds me that the power of effective communication transcends boundaries, and together, we can create meaningful connections that bridge the world,“Mr. Jabal said.

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