PAGEONE President Is Named In 25 Top MarCom Innovators List In Asia-Pacific

PAGEONE Group President and Chief Operating Officer Vonj Tingson, has been named in the prestigious roster of top marketing and communication professionals in Asia Pacific called Innovator 25 for Asia-Pacific by Provoke Media. This recognition celebrates visionary individuals who are reshaping the landscape of the PR and marketing industries.

Tingson is recognized as the dynamic leader of the most awarded PR agency based in the Philippines for harnessing his extensive IT and digital expertise in enabling PAGEONE to become more resilient and responsive to the newer demands in a post-pandemic business environment.

”I am both honored and humbled to be one of the only two Filipinos selected in this year’s Innovator 25 Asia-Pacific. This recognition is not mine alone, but a shared achievement with our clients and the dedicated PAGEONE team. My involvement in this selection refuels my mission to continue reshaping the future of tech transformation within the PR and communications landscape in the Philippines,” Tingson stressed.

Provoke Media’s Innovator 25 is considered a key barometer of marketing and communications innovation around the world. Since its inception in 2013, it has consistently identified 25 individuals across North America, EMEA, and more recently, Asia-Pacific, who have made exceptional contributions to enhancing engagement and influence in the industry.

The Innovator 25 commends those who dare to challenge outdated business practices, fuse creativity with impactful results, elevate social purpose to new heights, drive tangible change in behavior and outcomes, and champion diversity through innovative hiring practices and cultural transformations. These remarkable accomplishments represent the essence of true innovation.

As a leading marketing and communication innovator not just in the Philippines but also in Asia Pacific, Tingson emphasizes, “Creativity shouldn’t be solitary. By involving your team in the creative process, you tap into their unique perspectives and inspire collective innovation.”

Under his stewardship, PAGEONE has achieved the unrivaled distinction as the winningest PR agency in the Philippines having been recognized with multiple Agency of the Year titles, Hall of Fame award, four Grand Anvil awards, and three Platinum Awards, along with scores of other awards from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) and the Philippine Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators through its Philippine Quill Awards.

PAGEONE has also garnered international acclaim, receiving multiple awards from renowned award-giving bodies such as the APAC Stevie Awards, the Sabre Awards, Asian PR Excellence Awards, APAC IABC Silver Quill Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, NYX Marcom Awards, and the Global Gold Quill Awards.

Tingson’s influence has inspired client-organizations and partners to push boundaries and implement impactful campaigns that make a difference not just in their respective enterprises but also in society as a whole. His unwavering dedication to excellence and his ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of public relations and marketing communication make him a trusted and innovative industry leader.

For further information and to find the the complete list of the Asia-Pacific Innovator 25 for 2023, you may visit Provoke Media Innovator 25.

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