Provoke Media Unveils 8th Asia-Pacific Innovator 25: Two Innovators From The Philippines

Provoke Media is delighted to announce the eighth class of Asia-Pacific Innovator 25, an illustrious roster of professionals shaping the future of the PR and marketing industries. This year’s lineup is particularly special as it includes two exceptional innovators from the Philippines.

The Innovator 25 is a tribute to industry visionaries who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the PR and marketing sectors. The 2023 class is no exception, as it continues to chart the course for the industry’s future and proudly welcomes innovators from Asia-Pacific.

Meet the Innovators from the Philippines

Dorothy Dee-Ching, the Chief Marketing Officer of the iconic Filipino food brand Jollibee, represents an individual who has harnessed creativity to redefine marketing excellence. Joining her is Vonj Tingson, President and Chief Operating Officer of PAGEONE Group, the most awarded PR agency in the Philippines. These two innovators have left an indelible mark on the industry.

These two outstanding individuals are among the 25 innovators who collectively represent the diverse and dynamic landscape of marketing and communications today. They come from various facets of the industry, ranging from creative strategy to digital execution, influencer mapping, media storytelling, and senior management.

Profiles of all the Innovator 25 recipients, including their inspiration, advice, and career insights, can be accessed through the navigation menu.

The 8th class of Asia-Pacific Innovator 25

In this year’s Innovator 25 class, the highest proportion of 20% is based in India, followed by 15% from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Australia. The geographic reach of this year’s class is truly extensive and also includes Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

In this year’s Innovator 25 class, the highest proportion of 20% is based in India, followed by 15% from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Australia. The geographic reach of this year’s class is truly extensive and also includes Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Notably, 45% of this year’s innovators have held their roles for less than three years, and the majority, or 55%, come from agency backgrounds. Over half, or 53%, report directly to the CEO.

Encouragingly, 55% of respondents believe that the communications/PR industry is more innovative than other marketing disciplines, marking a substantial improvement from previous years. Integrated marketing has, for the first time, surpassed content creation as the industry’s greatest opportunity for leading innovation, as noted by 45% of the class.

When it comes to driving innovation, a significant majority, or 50%, sees the CEO as the most influential, ahead of the CMO by 25%; only 15% perceive the CCO as influential in this regard; and 10% identify the communications/PR agency as a driver of innovation.

A significant 85% of respondents believe that the rise of generative AI will enhance innovation in the communications/PR industry. In terms of admired figures, many innovators look up to inspirational business leaders and founders, such as Nandan Nilekani, N. Chandrasekaran, Jensen Huang, Yvon Chouinard, Mary Kay Ash, and Steve Jobs.

About Provoke Media’s Innovator 25

Provoke Media’s Innovator 25 has earned recognition as a pivotal gauge of marketing and communications innovation. Since its inception in 2013, it has annually identified 25 individuals across North America, EMEA, and, more recently, Asia-Pacific, who have made significant strides in elevating engagement and influence.

The Innovator 25 acknowledges those who have taken risks to disrupt outdated business practices, combined creativity with impactful results, elevated social purpose to new heights, fostered real change in behavior and outcomes, and promoted diversity through reformed hiring practices and cultures. These are just a few of the achievements they celebrate as innovative.

For more information and to explore the complete list of the Asia-Pacific Innovator 25 for 2023, please visit Provoke Media Innovator 25.

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